Georgina Thomas

Georgina represents the Trench Ward.  She was elected in December 2016 following a by-election and re-elected in 2019.


She was born in Bishops Oak Ride (in Trench ward) and has lived in the area all of her life. She and her family now live Northwood Road.

Georgina is from a family with deep roots in the community. Her grandfather was Chairman of the Six-in-One Community Centre and her uncle was the resident DJ there. Her family own and run stalls at various local markets, including Maidstone, Tonbridge and Swanley, selling clothing and household goods.

As well as working on the family market stalls, Georgina also runs a small business, importing and selling "onesies", including a number of contracts with local charities who benefit financially from the sale of branded "onesies". These include Folly Wildlife and JDRF-UK, a charity raising money and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.

Georgina has a history of charity work and community activity before putting her name forward for election. In 2012 she ran a project in conjunction with KCC to discourage young people from drugs, smoking and alcohol abuse and in 2014 she raised over £2,000 in conjunction with the Royal British Legion for improvements to the Tonbridge Memorial Gardens.

I have lived in Trench my whole life moving from Bishop’s Oak Ride to Northwood Road. My family and friends live here too and have inspired me to work hard for the community.  Since I was elected as your Borough Councillor in 2016 I have focused on various important issues including;

• Working with agencies to assist residents in getting back into work.
• Helping the vulnerable get the help they need in the form of mental health support or referrals to Occupational Therapists.
• Working closely with Clarion Housing to ensure people’s standards of living can improve.

I am proud to have launched the Trench Ward Community Facebook Page. This allows you to get updates and comment on issues that may affect you and to serve as an additional platform for residents to reach out to their Councillors.  With your support I can continue to engage with residents and give a voice to our community.

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