Patrons' Club

The Patrons' Club was launched for those members who were willing to pay a higher than average subscription. Membership is limited to just fifty in each constituency, and in recognition of their support, Patrons are invited to two prestigious events each year. 

  • A Garden Party with Champagne & Canapes in the home and gardens of one of our local members.
  • A formal dinner in a prestigious London venue, such as the Carlton Club or Athenaeum Club.

At both events we are joined by a prominent local Member of Parliament or Cabinet Minister who speaks to members about the political situation of the day and answers questions. 

In recent years the Patrons' Club have heard from some of the top names in Conservative politics including Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Michael Fallon, Michael Gove, Rory Stewart, Sir Nicholas Soames and many more. 

In 2016 the Patrons' Club Annual Dinner was held in November at the East India Club where we welcomed one of the true stars of our Party: The Rt Hon Ruth Davidson MSP, Leader of the Conservative Party in the Scottish Parliament. 

Membership of the Patrons' Club costs £225 for a single member or £350 per year for joint membership. (This includes your standard Conservative Party subscription)

Membership of the Patrons' Club normally runs from January to December and members are not charged to attend either the Garden Party or the Annual Dinner. However, for members who join during the year we offer a discounted rate which takes into account any membership subscription already paid and main events that have already taken place.

For instance, if you are considering joint membership of the Patrons' Club this would normally be:
Membership: £350
Deduction for Party subscription already paid (£50)
Deduction for having missed the Garden Party (£50)
Balance to pay: £250

If you are interested in joining the Patrons' Club please click HERE and complete your details. We will then contact you by email and let you know how much extra you will need to pay. If you decide to proceed we will simply send you an invoice for the balance. 

Patrons' membership offers outstanding value along with a chance to meet fellow Conservatives in prestigious venues whilst hearing from some of the leading politicians in the UK. We do hope you will give serious consideration to joining.