There is a better way - vote Craig for Commissioner!


This Thursday, 15th November, we will have the opportunity to elect our first ever Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Kent and in doing so, change the direction of how we police our county.

In a letter to residents, Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay explained why this change is necessary and his priorities for local policing:
"Under the old system, our policing plan and budget was governed by the Kent Police Authority, an unaccountable and unelected committee of appointees. Few knew who they were, what they did, or how to contact them to complain. 

"I believe that transparency and accountability is a far better way. 
"Since being selected as Conservative candidate I have toured the county explaining my no-nonsense approach to crime and policing.  I am a traditional Conservative; I believe in strong families, punishment that fits the crime and fairness to victims of crime who are too often forgotten. Basically, I will always be on the side of the law-abiding majority; those who live by the rules and respect others.
"Thursday’s county-wide election will see a close contest between me and the Labour candidate, and nothing can be taken for granted. A vote for any other candidate could split the Conservative vote and allow a Labour victory by default, so please use your first choice vote to support me.
"For further details or to download a copy of my manifesto please visit
"I would be honoured to have your support next Thursday."