No Agent could ask for a better team

The following was posted on Facebook by Andrew Kennedy our West Kent Agent following the support days that were organised to support the election campaign in Bexley  It is very worth sharing with this ?wider? audience.  If you were not able to help and would like to take part in a similar campaign in a neighbouring area, look out for event posts on this website with arrangements to support colleagues in wards in Maidstone Borough.


I just want to place on the record my thanks to the amazing activists from West Kent. Over the past 12 weeks over 60 of our members have travelled to a borough they don't live in, to campaign for candidates the have never met, for an election which does not affect them. The only reason for their time and efforts is because the believe in supporting their colleagues and they are willing to work towards a shared endeavour.

No Agent or Campaign Director could ask for a better team to work with, so here is a massive heads up and thank you to William Rutherford, Peter Oakford, Bob Backhouse, Thelma Huggett, Richard LongStuart McGregor, Susan Coleman, Gary HardingMatthew Dickins, Chris Browne, Mike Waller, Joyce Gadd, Des Keers, Allan Sullivan, Dennis King, John Balcombe, Jon Botten, Mary Streater, Tim Streater, Steve Browning, Anne Marie Nelson, Jacques Arnold, David Godfrey, Millie Lambridge, Howard Rogers, Frixos Tombolis, Nicolas Heslop, Nicholas Hampshire, Jacques Arnold, Michael Payne, Piers MontagueOwen BaldockChris Baldock, Gill Levine, Glynis Coates, Josie Taylor, Russ Taylor, Linda Jordan, Paul CooperMatt Boughton, Alan Bartlett, Tracey Crouch, Matt Boughton, Jordan Meade, Diane MarshDakota DibbenMichael RileyJacob Hatch, Adam Holloway MP, Thomas Tugendhat MP, Helen Whately MP, Greg Clark MP and many others!