Nicolas Heslop re-elected Council Leader

Following an emphatic election win, Nicolas Heslop was re-elected leader of Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council.

In accepting the leadership, Cllr Heslop confirmed his new Cabinet line-up:

“I have made several changes to cabinet portfolios this year; I have combined the portfolios of housing and environment services and created a new community services portfolio, which will include all community, leisure and health issues.

“I am pleased to welcome Howard Rogers back to the cabinet with the planning and transportation portfolio and my thanks go to Martin Coffin, Jill Anderson, Maria Heslop and Brian Luker for continuing their work as members of the cabinet.

“Three guiding principles will underpin our approach for the next four years. We will continue to work hard in the continued delivery of high quality and cost effective services for our residents; we will work more closely with businesses and investors so that our towns and villages are places where people wish to visit, and where business people can operate to bring increased vitality to our communities; and we will continue to be champions for the communities we serve, ensuring our borough is one of the best places to live.”

The new cabinet is: 

Nicolas Heslop - economic regeneration and leader of the council

Martin Coffin - finance and innovation and deputy leader

Jill Anderson - housing and environment services

Maria Heslop - community services

Brian Luker - community safety

Howard Rogers - planning and transportation

Good luck to all!