Let's get this clear! Craig Mackinlay calls for full funding transparency in PCC elections


Laying down a challenge to his opponents for Kent Police & Crime Commissioner, Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay has called for full funding transparency in the elections.

At last night’s Police and Crime Commissioner hustings in Medway, a member of the audience asked,

“Given the controversy in the press regarding who is funding Ann Barnes’ election campaign, would the candidates agree to publish, within 24 hours, a full list of their donors, including notional donations. The people of Kent deserve complete transparency.”

Craig readily agreed to this request and instructed his Campaign Manager to prepare a full disclosure for publication by 3pm today (7th November). The other candidates have agreed to do likewise.

Craig commented: "I was delighted that most of the other candidates were unhesitating in their support for this proposal – as the election of a Police & Crime Commissioner must be transparent, and those financing our campaigns must be open to public scrutiny."