Kent Conservatives launch manifesto for families, business and jobs


Kent County Council Leader Paul Carter launched the Conservative manifesto for the May 2 Election today (9th April) at the Carillion Apprentice Training Centre in Sittingbourne. The venue was highly relevant, he said, to demonstrate the County Council’s efforts to ensure Kent Jobs for Kent People – particularly those at the beginning of their careers.

“Voters do not like empty promises and party dogma” he said, drawing a paralell with the career of the late Baroness Thatcher, a conviction politician who took a pragmatic approach to deliver real benefit for people in circumstances where Britain had lost it’s way thirty years ago. The meeting observed a minute’s silence of respect
for the late former Prime Minister.

Mr Carter emphasised the need, once again for government at every level to put right the problems created by the last Labour Government. “These have undoubtedly been very tough years but we have continued to motivate, to do more with less and to modernise our sevices – we call it Taking Bold Steps.”

“Families and Businesses depend on our services – if they want to keep them – they need to vote for them”

Conservative Kent has delivered
• Freedom Passes for 27,000 young people
• Education for 250,000 children every day
• 300,000 free bus passes
• Funding for apprenticeships
… and a whole lot more

Mr Carter quoted Doug Richards, Dragons Den star and entrepreneur who said – talking about Kent’s apprenticeship scheme, “Kent is one of the more forward-thinking County Councils”

He concluded “Only Conservatives have the experience and track record to prove that they can be trusted to provide high quality services. We cut waste and focus on the services residents need – that’s why Kent’s Council tax is low – and hasn’t been increased for three years.

“Other parties and candidate have no recent experience – or in many cases no experience at all – of running this County with more than 40,000 staff and a budget of over £2 billion.”

Download your copy of the manifesto here.