Just one month until historic Police Commissioner elections


The first ever Police and Crime Commissioner elections will take place on Thursday 15th November. Responding to Kent residents, Kent Conservative Candidate Craig Mackinlay has promised his focus will be on driving down crime in Kent by introducing a zero tolerance policy on drugs and anti-social behaviour.

Pledging his support for Craig, Lord (Michael) Howard said:

I think Craig would be an excellent Police & Crime Commissioner for Kent. He not only has the experience of being a member of the Police Authority, he's a magistrate, which means that he's in daily contact with the criminal justice system, and moreover he's a councillor for one of the toughest wards in the county, which means that he really knows what we need to do in Kent to make our criminal justice system more effective.”

You too can add your support in the the following ways:


For any further information or to help the campaign, please email Craig at campaign@craigmackinlay.com.