David Cameron rises above challengers in TV debate


David Cameron rose above his challengers in the Leaders' TV debate this evening. The Prime Minister's full closing statement is as follows:

I’ve been your Prime Minister for the last five years and all that time I’ve tried to have one task in mind, above all others – and that has been turning our economy around, putting the country back to work, and clearing up the mess that was left to us.
I want to stand for another five years because I want us to finish the job that we’ve all started.
·       We’ve created 2 million jobs, let’s create a job for everyone who wants and needs one.

·       We’ve cut the deficit in half, let’s clear it all together and have Britain back in the black.

·       We’ve invested in our National Health Service, let’s keep doing that and make sure it’s a genuine service seven days a week for you and your family all year round.  

What my plan is about is basically one word – security. Security for you, for your family, for our country.
This is an amazing country and we’re on our way back.
There’s a fundamental choice at this election:
·       stick with the plan and the team who brought that plan because it’s working and it’s helping; or

·       put it all at risk by the people who gave us the spending, the debt, the taxes and the waste.

I say let’s stick to the plan that’s working, let’s not go back to square one, let’s finish what we started.