Coming through a letterbox near you...


Any moment now, Conservative supporters across Tonbridge, Edenbridge and Malling will be receiving a thank you from our excellent new MP Tom Tugendhat and an invitation to become a "Registered supporter". At no cost, registered supporters will receive regular updates on Tom's work and that of our local councillors together with invitations to join a series of events and receptions.

Registered supporters are not asked to pay any money or to make any time commitment - recognising that people now engage with their politicians in very different ways, our new scheme enables real community involvement without the regular commitment that membership may imply.

Registered supporters will receive newsletters keeping them informed about Tom locally and in Parliament - his local campaigns and his work in Westminster - and about our top-performing local councils. They will receive invitations to hear prominent visiting speakers, including members of the Government and be invited an Annual Drinks Reception hosted by Tom. 

Jaques Arnold, Chairman of Tonbridge, Edenbridge & Malling welcomed the inititaive: 

“Politics is about people, and political parties are at their best when they represent the hopes and aspirations of the wider community. The Conservative Party has a long tradition of local engagement, and Tonbridge, Edenbridge & Malling is continuing this tradition with our innovative approach to involving local residents in our activities. We very much hope local people will take this opportunity to make their voices heard.” 

The innovative "Registered Supporter" scheme is is part of a wider initiative launched by West Kent Conservatives (covering the constituencies of Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge & Malling, Chatham & Aylesford, Maidstone & The Weald and Faversham & Mid Kent) to attract residents into the political process. Hundreds of thousands of homes across West Kent are soon be receiving a letter inviting them to enrol simply by returning a reply paid postcard or by registering online. 

Across West Kent, Conservatives have a great history of trying new ideas and involving local people who otherwise may not engage with politics or politicians.

Indeed, Conservative candidates achieved remarkable results at the General Election, thanks in no small part to our strong record of involving local residents. In November 2013 an Open Primary was used to select Tom Tugendhat as the new parliamentary candidate for Tonbridge, Edenbridge & Malling, and was attended by over 700 people, the majority of whom were not Conservative Party members. In 2014 postal primaries were pioneered for local candidate selection, allowing residents an opportunity to select the Conservative council candidate for their ward. The Group also undertook a local advertising campaign inviting community-minded residents to become Conservative council candidates. Our Registered Supporters initiative is our next step to increase this involvement. 

Residents wishing to become a Registered Supporter may return the postcard being delivered to their homes during June or they can register online at

Alternatively, for further details please contact Andrew Kennedy, the Conservative Party’s Campaign Director for West Kent, on 01732 842794 or by email at