Clear commitments made to achieve full employment

We’re committed to building a Britain with full employment.

That means a Britain where anyone who wants a job is able to get a job – a Britain with more men and women in work, earning a regular wage and providing for their families.

To achieve full employment, we have five clear commitments:

  1. Encourage enterprise and back small business, keeping jobs taxes low and cutting red tape
  2. Invest in infrastructure to attract business and good jobs across the whole of the UK
  3. Continue getting British people back to work by controlling immigration and delivering a robust welfare system for EU migrants
  4. Reward work, help people into a job and lower the benefit cap
  5. Create 3 million new apprenticeships so young people get the skills to succeed


We’ll also triple the number of Start-Up Loans to at least 75,000 – meaning that on current trends the scheme will have created around 100,000 jobs by the end of the next Parliament.

When Labour were last in government, they left nearly half-a-million more people unemployed, leading to insecurity for families across the country.

Britain has had a tough few years but we are coming out the other side. We’re now creating more jobs than the rest of Europe put together, with 1.75 million more people in work since 2010.

Our long-term economic plan is creating jobs and building a stronger economy. If you vote Conservative, together we can build a Britain with full employment – and stay on the road to a better future.