Local News

Calling all Exec members

The next meeting of the Tonbridge, Edenbridge & Malling Executive Committee takes place on 27th July

Tom makes maiden speech

Our excellent new MP Tom Tugendhat makes his maiden speech in the House of Commons setting out clearly his "reasons for seeking a voice in the heart of our democratic Union"

Meet the Cabinet

Council Leader Nicolas Heslop and his new Tonbridge and Malling Cabinet

Reserving Judgement: The House interviews Tom

"As a former Army Reservist, new Tory MP Tom Tugendhat is ready to stand up to the Government over defence spending. But, he tells The House, he’s keenly aware of the importance of teamwork, too...

Vote Conservative!

The time has come - please don't forget to vote for the excellent Tom Tugendhat and your brilliant Conservative council candidiates

Village Power

As the sun shines, Tom's support in the Villages grows