Campaign support in Bexley

We have traditionally provided campaign support to London, as their local elections do not co-incide with ours. In previous years we have helped Croydon and Carshalton & Wallington. This year we have been asked to help Bexley.

While Bexley Borough has some very wealthy neighbourhoods, it also has many areas where we need to fight for every vote, such as Crayford, Barnhurst, Belvedere and Northumberland Heath. Whoever wins these marginal wards will win control of the Council. This year the challenge is tougher still as there has been a major boundary review with all wards changing and the number of councillors being reduced from 60 to 45. This has made historical comparisons very difficult.

Five Saturday morning campaign days have been designated when we hope to provide as much campaign support as possible. There will be traditional canvassing and/or leaflet delivery. The five dates (all commencing at 10am) are as follows:

Sat 13 January - Barnhurst

Sat 27 January - Belvedere

Sat 10 February - Northumberland Heath

Sat 24 February - Slade Green

Sat 10 March - East Wickham

Each day is posted as a separate event on this website.

If we could provide just one car load (five helpers) at each, that would be a major boost to their efforts.

Bexley is just 30 mins along the A2. They are a great bunch of hard-working activsts who would really value our support. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.   It would make a real difference.

Please e-mail  and let us know if you can help, and if so, on which dates. At the same time let us know if you can drive or if you need a lift.